About Us

About Us

Simple & Humble Beginning

Roslynn Doherty is the founder and Director of an independent, authorised and regulated debt management company, The Financial Foundation, based in Drogheda, Co Louth, specialising in mortgage arrears and restructuring Debts.

The firm was authorised to commence trading as The Financial Foundation by The Central Bank of Ireland in July 2016 The primary function of the company is to negotiate affordable, sustainable restructured arrangements with financial institutions in order to keep indebted families in their homes.

These families have been struggling financially, physically and mentally with relentless threats of home repossession from their home-loan providers, creditors and vulture funds. Having previously volunteered for a local charity, S.O.S.A.D. (Save our Sons & Daughters) I am acutely aware of the shocking statistics of suicide, directly related to the relentless threat of home repossession and potential homelessness.

Initially, the service provided was aimed at those in my local community in Drogheda, who were in urgent need of someone who could negotiate on their behalf to prevent the loss of their family home. However, within weeks of launching, I was contacted by people in distress from all over the country in need of assistance.

There are tens of thousands of family homes heavily in arrears in Ireland and unless realistic and proven structures are put into place to deal with this crisis, the number of home repossessions is expected to increase significantly. Following the Covid 19 crisis, this figure is also expected to increase, thus compounding the number of family homes in arrears and could potentially add to the already 10,000 homeless people in the country.

A further concern is the increasing costs of rental accommodation. In many instances, the cost of renting a family home is significantly more expensive than restructuring their mortgage and would make more sense to pursue this avenue rather than instituting legal proceedings and evicting families.

The following achievements have been accomplished years since the firm started:

  • Secured reversal and removal of repossession orders
  • Clients’ cases struck out of the legal system
  • Write-offs of residual debts where the lenders have sold the properties at a shortfall
  • Split mortgages
  • Part capital and interest mortgages
  • Capitalisation of arrears
  • Term Extensions
  • Interest Rate Reductions
  • Hundreds of people kept safe in their homes

The unique aspect of The Financial Foundation is the balance of compassion and dedication, combined with the Client Management System which is provided as part of the service. I have been successful in securing outcomes that have made the difference in some cases, of families slipping deeper into poverty, and at times, going without food in order to pay essential bills.

In summary, there is nothing short of an epidemic of families without hope and living in constant fear of losing their homes. The stigma attached to such circumstances often means they leave it too late to get help, thus compounding the problem. The Financial Foundation is here to help.


What Clients Say

The examples of Restructures given on our Website are indicative of some of the resolutions being offered by our clients’ lenders. Each file is assessed on a case-by-case basis some of the given examples may not apply in your current situation



For anyone that has ever gone to bed wondering if something happens to myself or my husband, where will my children live? To anyone that warms up the car and sets off to work to pay the mortgage. To anyone that has ever gone to the bank manager sent endless emails and never stopped trying.....well we became "someone". The Financial Foundation became our voice, when ours couldn't be heard. Assisted us, educated us and kept nudging us forward. When a home isn’t about the latest kitchen or the softest carpet but the security of a place for your children to grow, make friends and thrive. When us "someone" started to matter and the wheels started turning so did our lives, for the better. They did this for us.

We now have kept our home. We are now safe and making our payments. We are over the moon. There is simply not enough coverage about the work those girls do. We have all fallen on hard times and when your pride is dented or people may "judge" it can become a downwards spiral. We need to spread the word, make that call, tell a friend.....I will never be able to thank the Financial Foundation enough, especially Rosey for everything they have done. They don’t judge they don’t tar everyone with the same brush they deal with individuals. We are not and never will be millionaires but to me, our happiness is priceless. Thanks so much again for all you have done for us.

DH, Dublin - January 2017
A Happy Client

What We Do

We are here to help families and individuals who are faced with mounting debts and face the possibility of losing their home.

Debt Solutions

We deal with all types of debt including secured and unsecured and will work with your creditors to find an affordable and sustainable solution agreeable to both parties.


We will negotiate on your behalf and dramatically reduce the level of calls and letters to you and will stay with you every step of the way.


We will collect all paperwork from you, prepare your Standard Financial Statement and deal with your creditors.


When we have determined your affordability to your creditors, we will prioritise your mortgage and secured debts and pay your unsecured creditors on a pro-rata basis.


We will explain all agreements to you in simple terms and ensure all agreements are finalised.


We will offer advice and guidance on your household budget and spending habits.